How Shoes Are Made?

Discover the Craft Behind Shoemaking From Start to Finish

Discover the Craft Behind Shoemaking From Start to Finish

Design Process Inspiration to sketch, combining functionality with innovation.
Material Selection Importance of premium and sustainable materials for different shoe types.
Crafting Techniques Embracing both traditional techniques and modern technology for precision.
Specialized Footwear Nuances in making boots, heels, and athletic shoes.
Quality and Sustainability Quality control practices and sustainable shoemaking.
Supporting Artistry in Shoemaking Celebrating craftsmanship and prioritizing sustainability.


Shoemaking is an art that blends creativity, craftsmanship, and technology. It’s a journey from a simple idea to the finishing touch of a wearable masterpiece. We take pride in every step of this process, ensuring that every pair represents our dedication to quality and sustainability.

Shoemaking is not just about creating footwear; it’s about crafting a piece of art you can wear. It combines age-old techniques with modern designs, resulting in shoes that are not only beautiful but also durable and comfortable.


The Design Process

The creation of a shoe begins with inspiration—sometimes from the most unexpected places. This inspiration is sketched into designs where innovation meets functionality, ensuring that the final product is not only stylish but practical.


The brown ‘Berlim’ sneakers, where rich leather meets a crisp white sole for timeless sporty elegance. A versatile choice for the style-conscious.


The ‘Milão’ sneakers, where grey leather meets a bold sole for a sharp, clean look. A versatile pair for the style-conscious individual.


The ‘Havana’ sneakers, where navy blue leather meets a pristine white sole for a classic yet contemporary look. Style meets comfort in this polished pair.


The pink ‘Atenas’ sneakers, blending classic white leather with pastel accents for a touch of modern femininity. Ideal for the chic, active lifestyle.

Material Selection

Choosing the right materials is crucial. We opt for premium leathers, high-quality fabrics, and sustainable materials. This ensures our shoes stand the test of time and support the wellbeing of our planet.


Crafting Techniques

Our shoemaking combines traditional techniques such as hand-stitching and sole construction with modern technology. This blend ensures precision, consistency, and a shoe that’s crafted to perfection.

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Specialized Types of Shoes

From boots to heels and athletic shoes, each type requires a unique approach. The crafting of specialized footwear demands attention to details that meet the specific needs of each style.